Modern 226 sq. ft. micro-home is hidden in converted garage

A derelict garage is transformed into a compact, minimalist living space.

From slurry pits, to doorman’s residences and cab offices, unconventional residential conversions can appear in the strangest of places. In the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius, designer Indrė Mylytė-Sinkevičienė of IM Interior transformed a run-down garage into a modern micro-home that features multifunctional spaces and elements for living, sleeping, cooking and bathing, all condensed into a small footprint of 21 square metres (226 square feet).

Wrapped in oxidized Corten steel, the former garage is now a low-key micro-home blends in well into its rather dilapidated surroundings, giving barely a hint of what lies inside.

Stepping past the industrial-style mesh entry door, the renovated interior of the garage studio feels warm and welcoming, thanks to the birch-lined walls and the recessed LED lighting. The bed is ensconced within a wall of streamlined cabinets, and lit with a large window. To give some visual contrast, some patterned tiling has been added to the centre of the space, along with a suspended rattan chair.

Nearby is a counter that doubles as workspace and dining table, situated under another window. Adjacent to this is the kitchen, which looks pretty pared-down with its appliances hidden from view, and lit with more recessed, energy-efficient lighting.

The tiny bathroom features more of that lovely tiling, as it functions more of a wet room that puts the shower and toilet in the same waterproofed space.

It’s remarkable how much potential can be found in forgotten and under-utilized spaces such as this garage-turned-dwelling — and our cities are full of such spaces, waiting for a new lease on life, possibly to be transformed into someone’s new home. To see more, visit IM InteriorInstagram and Facebook.

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