Aperture Art: 360 Doors & Windows of the World Sorted by Country

This gorgeous collection of photographic montages highlights regional similarities and differences between types and styles of door and window designs all across Europe, starting with Porto, Portugal:

Doors of England
Windows of Barcelona-Spain

Andre Goncalves, a photographer from Lisbon, set about creating this catalog of colors and textures with his ‘Windows of the World’ series (mostly by city and region), then expanded to develop ‘Doors of the World’ as well (sorted by country)

Doors of Portugal
windows of London

Individually, a single door might not say much about a city or country, but taken together: patterns emerge, from tile work around doors to color preferences and decorative touches.

Doors of Romania
Doors of the World
Windows of Spain


Windows of Burano-Italy
Windows of Evora-Portugal
Windows of Lisbon-Portugal
Windows of Montemor-o-novo–Portugal
windows of Porto-Portugal
windows of Sesimbra-Portugal
windows of the Alps
windows of Venice-Italy


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